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The Melanie & Lindsay Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Melanie & Lindsay Community

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[24 Jul 2008|10:25am]

queensoftarts is going to have an amazing August of events! Stay tunned for something for EVERYONE! We've got tons of great challenges for all aspects of this fandom coming up along with some other great ideas! If you haven't had the time to check out us yet please come by! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Come and check out some of the great items (fic, vids, icons) that have already been posted along with our feature "Tea Party" where our topic as of late has been "What are your top ten fav fics?"
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[18 Jul 2008|09:32am]

It's time to announce another challenge of ours.. we're VERY excited about this one!

Our next challenge is the author orgy, basically you can create anything but the twist is whatever you create needs to involve two if not more people!

The theme can be anything, whatever of your choosing..just created by two or more people!

End date is August 31st!

If you are interested and need a companion please post here!

Submit all submission to: queen_of_tarts@live.com
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[09 Jul 2008|06:03pm]
I wanted to inform everyone of our new community queensoftarts We are a challenge based community that features all aspect of the QAF fandom!

Right now we have a couple of challenges going on..our two fic main challenges ending July 31st are: Sleepover and Weddings.

We are also running a little challenge we call: Three Little Words..we take three little words and you can create whatever you want as long as it includes those words (in the case of drawings, icons and wallpaper we like the ACTUAL objects to be there not just the words) The three words starting off this challenge is: Oil, Music, Lights, this ends July 15th.

We are also running a challenge under the theme LOVE/FRIENDSHIP for vids as well as icons, this ends July 31st!

Our community is a VERY open minded place where everything is welcome! Our only guidelines are that it needs to be QAF!

Come and check us out!
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[03 Dec 2006|02:24pm]


My name is qaffangyrl and I'd like to invite you to come by my LJ and friend me. Why, you ask? Well, I do a great deal of vidding and fic writing and although I am as Brian/Justin shipper I love and respect all the qaf characters. Because of this I've decided to take on a HUGE endeavor. On Friday, January 5th, 2007 I'll begin posting my new fic titled QAF Season Six. This fic will be posted weekly and will have 14 "episodes."

Each episode will be aproximately 15 worddoc pages and will  be featuring the continuing sagas of Ben and Michael, Brian and Justin, Ted and Blake, Emmett, Melanie and Lindsay and even Carl and Debbie. The purpose of this fic is to treat ALL the characters with the respect they deserve and to wrap all the loose ends that cowlip left us with. 

I'm posting weekly episode teasers till Jan when the "season" premieres. 

I totally believe all the qaf shippers can all get along. If you agree, come by and friend me at my LJ! 


P.S. You can scroll through my lj to find teasers for 601 602 and 603
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picspam Michelle Clunie in Without a Trace [01 Nov 2006|07:21am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello?? Is anyone there? I hope this community is still alive... It would be a shame if it died.

I was going to make my first post. A picspam of the character Michelle plays in episode 5x02 of Without a trace.

Following the fake cut you'll find SPOILERS of the story of Cindy (the part Michelle plays). She's very pretty in the show but also I've discovered how much she can change deppending on the part she's playing. ^^

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Question [18 Sep 2005|01:06pm]

Hi -- Let me introduce myself. I’m an academic who has been reading and publishing on the law on gay and lesbian families for years. Even though the law is far from settled on the issue, last year a panel of gay students from my university's gay student group spoke in a class. Even though I've been a lesbian mom for almost 20 years, I was shocked at how those young queers think about family issues -- that they could so easily take for granted the likelihood that they would be parents. I’ve been exploring how pop culture that's directed at glbtqs addresses issues of families with kids....in particular, I’m interested in seeing what the reaction of the fans was to the QaF story lines addressing Gus and Jenny Rebecca’s parentage. Did you, the fans, find it realistic and compelling? I have more, but I'll just start with this I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
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In need of a Mel/Lindz mood theme [31 Aug 2005|09:59am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Does anyone know where I can find a Mel and Lindz mood theme? I've checked in the LJ Mood Theme communities, and I do not see one specifically for those two.


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Cripes! [07 Aug 2005|11:45pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

I can't believe they actually moved to Canada in the end. I would have never expected that.

I also can't believe it's over! *cries*

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? [03 Aug 2005|12:26pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Does anyone know where I can find a Mel & Lins mood theme?

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[28 Jul 2005|09:18am]
[ mood | dorky ]

I was a little bored so I made two icons.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Maybe someone likes them. Heh.

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[23 Jul 2005|07:44pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey everybody! I'm new to this community! WHOOT!

I have a question.

On the last episode, the one with the bomb in Babylon...

Crin and Mel were walking down the steet, and they were having the conversation about how Mel was still in love with Linds. Then Mel asks something like "what gave me away?" or something like that... blah blah blah, Crin replies "you can't buy toothpaste without having commenting on Linds's perfect smile..." (something like that)


They went toothpaste shopping!?

Maybe it was a metaphor. I found that comment on Crin's part to be insanely random. Maybe it just caught my attention because i obsess over teeth. I don't know.

anywho, Glad to join the community! Have a superb day!

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[03 Jul 2005|06:51pm]

hello :D first time posting here and i come bearing some mel/linds icons:

the rest are here, part of a multifandom icons.
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Colorbar request............? [07 May 2005|10:17am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey People!
I had a request..if that's alright? I was wondering if anyone here knows where I could get a Mel and Linz color bar that says, "Mel and Linz is Love". ??? Or if anyone could make me one? I've always wanted to put one in my journal, but I can never find one. If any of ya could help me out, that'd be awesome!!!! :)

Thanx! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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hey i'm new [07 Feb 2005|08:59pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I just wanted to say hi to everyone. My name is Ally, I'm 22 and from WI. I'm happy to see a Mel and Linds page. I'm a big fan of Queer as Folk and of course Mel and Linds. Hope to talk to you guys all soon. :)

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[19 Jan 2005|10:51pm]

[ mood | numb ]

Hi everyone. I'm new here, but not new to QAF. My name is Lynn, and I'm from Texas. I'm a huge Mel/Lindsay supporter. Glad to see there is a community just for them. :)

I made a wallpaper last night...putting it behind a cut because it's huge.

Wallpaper behind hereCollapse )

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New! [21 Jul 2004|03:05pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Hello there. I'm new here, so I thought I'd just get opinion out there.
My name is Julie, and I'm a mad supporter of Mel and Lindz.

I'm actually really sad that they're splitting up. I seriously almost cried. The sad thing is I don't know if they'll patch it up. Mel has to fogive Lindsay for a lot, and that may take some time. But I really hope they end up together in the end.

Ok, that's my deal. I'm happy to join this community!

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Hi : ) [01 Jul 2004|04:14pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi guys,

My name is Jennifer and I just joined a few minutes ago. It's so nice to see an LJ community for Mel and Lindz, I love them both as individual characters and even more so as couple.

Oh and here is a fan art I made, hope you like it. : )

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[26 Feb 2004|07:59pm]

I had JUST made this icon and uploaded it, I go to my friends page, and here is this community.

It's fate. :)
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