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melandlinds's Journal

The Melanie & Lindsay Community
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Welcome to melandlinds! This is a community dedicated to Melanie and Lindsay - the beautiful lesbian couple on the incredible, gay-oriented TV show Queer As Folk, which airs on the cable station ShowTime.

A few rules...

1. Off Topic posts are allowed, but generally we prefer if you keep your posts in relation to its main subject... Melanie and Lindsay and/or Queer As Folk. If you do make an off topic post, please label it as such in the subject header and consider lj-cutting it if it's particularly long. If you don't know how to lj-cut, feel free to ask, or check out LJ's FAQ.

2. No flames and no trolls. QaF is a show based around tolerance and intelligent ideas. Please allow the community to reflect that.

3. Check the below information before asking standard questions like "when does the new season start," etc.

4. ALL SPOILERS FOR SEASON THREE AND FOUR MUST BE LJ-CUT. No ifs, ands or buts. If you fail to do this, your post will be edited or taken down and reposted for you, with an lj-cut. If you repeatedly abuse the community by revealing spoilers, you'll be banned from the community.

5. The following are acceptable subjects for posts: Melanie and/or Lindsay related icon posts, QaF related posts, articles or observations, gay/lesbian issue-related posts, announcements about episode airings, DVD signings, etc., any posts relating in some way to Melanie, Lindsay or the actresses who play them, Michelle Clunie (Melanie) and Thea Gill (Lindsay), any Melanie/Lindsay fanfiction stories, pictures of the whole cast, Melanie and/or Lindsay, or of the actresses who play them, and the rare, off topic postings.

6. Excessive abuse of any of the above rules will lead to the user being banned. By joining the community or commenting therein, you agree to abide by the rules.

A bit of info...

Seasons one, two and three of Queer As Folk are avaliable on DVD. They can all be purchased here.

Season four of QaF will be airing on ShowTime in America on the 18th of April, 2004. It will be airing on ShowCase in Canada on the 19th of April, 2004.

A few links...

Melanie Loves Lindsay.

Melanie and Lindsay - A Love Story.

Queer As Folk - Canadian Dedication Page.

Please enjoy our community, and if you are interested in suggesting something for the info page or other parts of the community, or wish to help maintain it, please email the moderator, Mandi, at shutyourmouth77@yahoo.com.